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Pig Crates

What happened to the sight of a farm with pastures green.
And as you near the farmhouse the animals can be seen.
Now they're all locked up in pens, in dark and dingy sheds.
No nice green grass to graze on, no sunlight on their heads.

The sows await their pregnancy in a small dark concrete cell.
No room to move or turn around they're living in a hell.
Their bones get weak they have no strength their muscles fade away.
Their legs are lame they cannot stand so there they have to lay.

These fun loving intelligent animals should never be treat this way.
They should be free to roam and root, what a price they have to pay.
To make more money for the people who do these cruel things.
Because that's what it's all about and what that money brings.

At three weeks old the piglets are taken from their Mum.
When all they really want to do is jump and play and run.
They're put in concrete pens with no hay on which to lay.
They roll around in dung and muck with no room to even play.

They're force fed with food, their tummies cannot digest.
Then given medication which they take to pass the test.
They live their lives in concrete pens until it's time to die.
These poor tormented creatures are glad to say goodbye.

Maureen Flynn-Smith (