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I am a little puppy and I'm scratching at the door.
I've grown a little bit now you don't want me anymore.
You've put me in the garden where it's cold and wet and damp.
I'm feeling very lonely cos the kids have gone to camp.

Don't take me out and dump me like I know some people do.
I promise I'll be good, I won't chew another shoe.
My fur is soiled and matted and I haven't had a bath.
My water bowl is empty it's just laying on the path.

I have fleas they're living on me, they make me scratch all day.
I have wormies in my tummy, they just won't go away.
You bought me from a pet shop, I was in the window there.
They told you how to look after me, but you don't really care.

I have lots of love to give you, if you would only let me try.
Just feed me and take care of me. Oh, please don't make me cry.
If you didn't really want me, why did you bring me here?
To hurt me and torment me just to live my life in fear.

I dream of greener pastures, in a loving caring home.
With children that would play with me and a bed to call my own.
But I am only dreaming and I know it isn't true.
I hope the people reading this aren't someone just like you.

Maureen Flynn-Smith (