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Welcome to Our World...

From our laboratory cages,
we hear the explosions and smell
the huge clouds of smoke and debris fast approaching.
Cover your faces, quick, people!
Strange substances in the eyes are incredibly painful
and can leave you blind.

From the slaughterhouse,
we hear you screaming in terror
as you watch others all around you dying
and knowing that you are next.

From endless rows of battery cages,
we cry for those of you who remain alive inside the inferno;
crushed together, unable to move,
wondering if you will ever taste freedom again.

From cold metal gestation crates,
we mourn for your young ones
who must grow up without their mothers' love,
and for the mothers whose babies have been
ripped away from them forever
before they could even say goodbye.

From your radios and televisions,
we hear you sharing your shock and grief and disbelief.
We hear angry voices, promising to avenge this evil and
make certain that it never happens again.

From every factory farm, slaughterhouse,
research lab and circus cage,
we hear your cries,
as you experience what, for us, is everyday life.

Will you ever hear ours?

On behalf of the billions of non-human victims for whom every day is September 11th.

Fran Hutcherson (