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For The Animals

I sit here in pain
with tears gently flowing
into the rivers
of pain

there are too many rivers
where does one start?
the animals are drowning
does anyone hear them?

There are too many rivers of pain

adults have a choice
they can leave
reach out for help
speak up, speak out

so please stop your whining
don't you understand how easy you have it?
would you rather be experimented on
put into a cage
tortured, abused, and broken, day in and day out?

There are too many rivers of pain

Spirit is within ALL things
try not to forget
that as you do to another
you do to yourself

when did making a profit and god knows what else
become much more important than
common decency?

There are too many rivers of pain
love is the only way out
so stop inflicting hurt
start inflicting love to ALL beings, great and small

Kimberly McCandless (