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My Story

I feel this story is not written for you to read. You may as well read some thing else, or throw this book away and just go out to a bar, blabber in front of the bar tender, and have "intelligent" conversations with the most intelligent man in the bar (I mean the bartender!). You may even go to a restaurant and have prime rib, or sushi and put yourself to sleep.

I am writing this for responsible citizens of the world. If you decide to read this story, please make sure that you tell about this story to your kids, kith and kin, and even strangers.

Let me get out of the way, and let you read it seriously in a peaceful place.

Hey! Stop for a minute. Come here, please. I forgot to tell you something. Thank you very much for reading my story.

I woke up disturbed by my own loud snoring! My eyelids were so much glued shut that I had to shake my head wildly and open it with force. All the flies that were having a party on my nose, mouth and face all night scattered and flew away, when I shook my head. My majestic beard and long hair, true sign of my manhood, behaved like a fan and blew away all other flies refusing to leave the party.

You should have been here last night to hear the music. Everyone in my family totally twenty-five kids and grown-ups alike, were in the music. Don’ t mistake me, please! None of us in the family are musicians. It was actually a snoring competition. It really started as we were having our big feast of the year. Everyone was so loudly burping shamelessly that it sounded like a music competition. Soon people ate so much that they were all falling asleep even while chewing and one after the other started snoring. No one wanted to loose in this big snoring competition all night. Of course, I am always the loudest, and really proud to be with the dominant snore. I am also the biggest and head of my family. I ate so much that I do not even remember when I really fell asleep. Any time there is a big feast in our family I make sure that I get to eat first. I don’t even care for the kids. I slap them hard, if they come in my way while I am feasting. I know what you are thinking! You think that I am very mean. I just want you to understand that this is our family tradition. Being the head of the family, I always eat first. There is always plenty for others, and so they can eat later anyway.

I just don’t believe that it is my job to bring in the meal everyday. I am the head and the biggest in the family, but it is the job of the mothers of my kids. By the by, I forgot to tell you one very important thing. No one in my family eats vegetables, but all of us like red meat. We like the meat really raw and freshly killed. We just use our hands and mouth to eat. We do not have any table manners, simply because we don’t have any table. The blood should be oozing out and we savor the meat biting and chewing directly from the animal. Yesterday was really a special meal. We all ate humans. You heard it right! It was a special taste.

Did I tell you that we live in the forest? We are not from your race, the human race. We are animals, and proud to be from the royal family. I am the king of the jungle. I am the biggest lion, and the proud patriarch of many lionesses and cubs.

My childhood was miserable. I was really born in a jail. My parents, and all my relatives were in jail when I was born. I even spent a large part of my childhood and youth in the jail. Many years before I was born my parents lived in this forest. If you think I am big and handsome, you would have admired my dad who was the biggest and strongest I have ever seen. He had a very majestic walk. I heard that, when he was in his prime, all the animals would simply give way wherever he walked. Any place he walked was the royal highway. He was really the king of this jungle.

One day when my parents, aunts and uncles, and my cousins were relaxing and almost asleep after a heavy meal, some people from your race had come to our jungle without our permission and shot some bullets on all of them, hiding behind some trees and bushes, very a very long distance. Everyone in our family thought that they might die by the bullet shots. Instead, they all felt uncontrollable sleepiness very soon. Next thing they remember, when they all woke up, was that the forest had simply disappeared. They were all in some kind of a jail. No place to walk, roam or play. They were all hungry, but there was no food to eat. How do you catch a prey in a jail! My father told me that he and all in the family were regularly beaten. Small pieces of some old and smelly meat were thrown to them once in awhile. My father remembers that he was always hungry. He became very weak in a few days. The people would make him do all kind of funny things. He had to jump, roar and even roll over when they shouted at him. My father had become so weak that he could not even roar at all. He had lost all his vigor. Everyone realized that their fate had turned to being slaves confined to the jail.

This is the condition in which I was born. All I knew was the jail. I had never seen a forest. Lots of people came to see me when I was born. They took so many photographs of me. I also came to know that they took lots of money from the people who came to see me. I did not get even a single penny out of that money they collected. They would not even let me spend much time with my dad.

Days, weeks and months passed like this. My parents gave me most of the meat they were given, so that I would grow really fast. I got bigger and bigger, and felt stronger every passing day. You may not know that we all have our own language when we talked to each other. My parents, uncles and aunts told me everything of the past and about the fun in the forest. They told me that they were all waiting for me to growing strong and big. I was also taken with my parents and relatives to watch and do all kind of silly tricks.

It was the day, when I was supposed show my first tricks in front of all the people gathered to see us. All of us and other animals had been talking to each other in our animal language. People of your race had no clue of what we were all planning.

I was standing in position with the other lions. My father was on my right side. The man who had beaten my father for all these days was looking at me and shouted at me to do my trick. I was really quiet. I simply behaved as if I did not hear what he said. I also pretended as if my attention was somewhere else. He also swept the whip at me, which was about to hit my head. All I did was to roar so loud that all the people simply stood on their feet. With the second loud roar, I leaped on him and pounced on the face with my right paw. Blood came out like a spring and sprayed all over the face of my father who was next to me. I have heard that lions are so brave that they never cry. This day was an exception. A small drop of tear came out of his eyes in happiness of the blood spray on his face.

People started running everywhere scared and confused. I cannot still believe what came over me next. I started hitting on him so many times, even though I knew that he was dead by my first blow. I dragged him all over the area and into the streets with tracks of blood as I dragged him.

Confusion was what we all wanted. All the animals were so happy that they run to the forest in very little time. We made sure that every one escaped before our lion family walked out and disappeared in the forest.

I am sorry that I get emotional every time I think of the event. My father became the king again. However, he was so mentally disturbed that he never regained his composure and confidence. He soon became very lonely. In few months, he died. My mother is also very weak. She has lost her appetite. She has no interest in anything these days. You can see her sitting very far under the old tree.

We do not really eat humans. We also do not want to relive the nightmare that my parents and family went through being taken away from the forest again. Yesterday happens to be the anniversary of our freedom from the jail. We like to spend the anniversary peacefully in the forest. However, we have adopted a new tradition. If especially on the anniversary day any humans come to our area with pistols and guns, we all get alerted. We still keep quiet, even though alerted, till anyone opens fire. The moment fire is opened we start protecting ourselves and kill the humans with guns and pistols.

We do not harm people if they are unarmed. You did not have any thing in your hand, but some papers and pen. You also wanted to hear my story.

It is getting late as the dusk is settling in slowly. I think it is time for you to go home. Your wife and family may already be worried. I want to you to go home before it is really dark.

I want to really thank you for hearing my story. Be careful going home. Have a safe trip home.

Hey! I already told you to walk very carefully. You are about to step on that king cobra!

KRS Murthy (