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"Stock" Tip of the Millenia

Editor's Note: This is an unusual "submission" I received in the form of an unsolicited email. After talking to the author, we decided I would simply reformat his email and post it as-is on the site.


At the beginning of this year we read accounts that herald a medical breakthrough at the Harvard School of Medicine in the United States where doctors have now successfully "grown replacement bladder organs in a laboratory dish and implanted them in dogs."

Excuse me, but does anyone else see some real possibilities here?

With little need for further research we have already achieved a mechanism to feed McDonalds hamburgers (& Chicken McNuggets) to all the starving people of the world, completely eliminate the threat of mad cow disease, immediately save the rain forest and finally put an end to the daily slaughter of millions of higher life forms.

Just think of the dividends to be earned from buying "stock" in what could be called the "Kobe Cultured Beef Company." Like cultured pearls, cultured beef could be grown in millions of petridishes under sanitary conditions not subject to barnyard contagion. A single cell could be cloned from a "living" animal and replicated in the form of "edible" tissue for world-wide consumers. And best of all, you get tenderloin beef patties every time, ready to ship to market.

Forget the Internet, I'm buying stock in biotech.

Jim Walker
Reformed Carnivore

P.S. Please pass this "stock tip" along to a friend and help make this idea and the "possibilities" a reality.

Do it for Norman. Do it for Babe!

Jim Walker