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Welcome to the Home Page of Animal Rights Counterculture. This non-profit Animal Rights organization has just two simple, yet powerful goals:

Such repositories are extremely important to our movement. The intellectual foundation of our movement is unshakable (see the Selected Links page); yet often, we neglect the extent to which our paradigms have been distorted and fragmented in our childhood through non-intellectual factors. The joy of a young boy's first hunting trip with Dad, the gaiety of a hamburger-peddling clown, a happy family outing to a steak house, and the fear of a big bad wolf from a bedtime story: these are all are examples of how subjective experiences can mask the horrors of how we treat animals and skew our vision of their real nature.

Such non-intellectual influences can only be combatted with antidotes that are specifically designed to work at these levels; that is this organization's sole reason for existence.

The Songs and Stories page contains the above-mentioned repository. The submission of original creative works consistent with this philosophy are encouraged. Further details concerning submission can be found here.

The Discussion page aims to provide a forum for an exchange of ideas among activists who are interested in this area of our movement, which although neglected, is rich with possibilities. Imagine the rewards and challenges of creating the very fabric of our culture - like songs which aim to be the new Animal Rights anthem (cf. Fight we Shall) or stories which aim to compete head-to-head with Little Red Riding Hood!

Let's go for it!

Mohan Embar
Wisconsin, U.S.A.
December 24, 1997