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"Stock" Tip of the Millenia
The American Bloodsport
Animal Rights
The Apple Tree and the Oak Tree
Battery Hens
Bereaved Knife
Cattle Country
Companion Animal
Dancing Bears of India
Death By Night
Dogs Go To Heaven
The Earth So Slender
Farmer Boy
Fight We Shall
For The Animals
For the animals.....
The Fox
Fox Sick
Gold Fish at a Frat Party
The Greatest Gift
Harp Seal Eyes
How Can We Do It?
How in 2050
The Hunter's Trophy Bawl
I Saw a Possum Die Last Night
Jamaican Cows
Let's Not Forget
Listen to Chief Seattle
Little Red Riding Hood
Look Around
Mad Human Disease
Me Means Alone
A Memoir of My Mother
My God Says
My Story
The New Martyrs
Of Mice and Old Men
Paint Her Divine
Pig Crates
A Place for the Animals
Puppy Love
Quiet as a Mouse
The Racist
Recipe For Servitude In The Circus
Sabine: Five Years Later
The Silent Ark
Thanksgiving Wish
They Must Pay
The Tiger
Tom Turkey
Two Unruly Children
The Veal Calf
Veal, Your Meal
The Voiceless
Welcome to Our World...
Where Have They Gone?
Where Is It?
Where's Her Baby?
You Just Don't Care

Revision Notes

See the 8 September 2007 entry for information on subscribing to the RSS feed for this site.

8 September 2007

Site Changes:

  • This website has been rewritten from scratch, with great care being taken to preserve the links. There is now a cool new search feature as well as the ability to link directly to a song or story.
  • This site now has an RSS feed which you can subscribe to. If you don't know what RSS is, here is an excellent article (albeit technical) which describes it. You can subscribe to this feed by clicking the little orange icon on the far right of your web browser's address bar.

New Submissions:

31 October 2006

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13 May 2006

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30 April 2006

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7 January 2001

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7 December 2000

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17 May 2000

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2 April 2000

1 April 2000

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26 March 2000

Lots of new submissions:

27 December 1999

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17 January 1998

23 November 1997

16 June 1997

  • Listen to Chief Seattle: New Song!
  • Added introductory text to this section explaining that people can send me their email address if they wish to be notified whenever the revision notes change (i.e. new songs are added).

8 March 1997

  • Osteoporosis: New Song!
  • Explicitly set playing parts in all MIDI files (previous versions had parts in the "current" instrument, which caused problems).
  • Added HTML lyrics for all songs.
  • Changed Companion Animal to 6/8 time to eliminate those annoying triplets.
  • Improved presentation: put master song and story list on its own page. Also put revision notes on its own page (this one).
  • Added clarification about Adobe? Acrobat Reader™ on its own page. You need v3.0 or greater (2.x) won't do.
  • Updated the invitation for submissions page, making the required information and conditions more explicit.

20 February 1997

16 February 1997