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"Stock" Tip of the Millenia
The American Bloodsport
Animal Rights
The Apple Tree and the Oak Tree
Battery Hens
Bereaved Knife
Cattle Country
Companion Animal
Dancing Bears of India
Death By Night
Dogs Go To Heaven
The Earth So Slender
Farmer Boy
Fight We Shall
For The Animals
For the animals.....
The Fox
Fox Sick
Gold Fish at a Frat Party
The Greatest Gift
Harp Seal Eyes
How Can We Do It?
How in 2050
The Hunter's Trophy Bawl
I Saw a Possum Die Last Night
Jamaican Cows
Let's Not Forget
Listen to Chief Seattle
Little Red Riding Hood
Look Around
Mad Human Disease
Me Means Alone
A Memoir of My Mother
My God Says
My Story
The New Martyrs
Of Mice and Old Men
Paint Her Divine
Pig Crates
A Place for the Animals
Puppy Love
Quiet as a Mouse
The Racist
Recipe For Servitude In The Circus
Sabine: Five Years Later
The Silent Ark
Thanksgiving Wish
They Must Pay
The Tiger
Tom Turkey
Two Unruly Children
The Veal Calf
Veal, Your Meal
The Voiceless
Welcome to Our World...
Where Have They Gone?
Where Is It?
Where's Her Baby?
You Just Don't Care

Submitting Your Creative Work

The Underlying Philosophy

The songs and stories at this site are not so much intended to be a showcase of the authors' talent. Rather, the aim is to make a dent in the meaningless nonsense that's out there today. This is done by providing material that is freely reproducible while still retaining the authors' rights in order to ensure against unwanted tampering.

You are strongly encouraged to follow suit and that is why you are warmly invited you to submit your original works for inclusion in this site.

Submitting Your Written Works

Submit your written works by sending an .htm(l) document as an attachment to your email message.

Submitting Your Musical Works

If you submit a musical work, please include as much of the following as possible:

  • an .htm(l) document with any lyrics
  • a MIDI file with the music
  • a Postscript file with the sheet music. You can generate a Postscript file from any Windows? application if you have installed a Postscript printer. You can do this via Control Panel/Printers/Add Printer. One such printer is HP Laserjet 4V/4MV. If you install this printer on FILE: (as opposed to LPT1:), you will direct the print output of any program to a text file rather than the printer itself. (That is, you can install this printer even if you really don't have it.) When printing, a little box will pop up asking you for the output filename.

Conditions Regarding All Submissions

Submitting your work by no means surrenders your ownership of the work. However, you must explicitly give the right to include it in this web site.

Animal Rights Counterculture cannot guarantee that it will include your submission. The organization will use its discretion in deciding what to publish. Also remember that the more ready-to-publish your submission is, the more likely its inclusion.

Make sure your submissions have a copyright message similar to this:

Copyright © 1998 by . All Rights Reserved
May be used in unchanged form by avowed Animal Rightists
if accompanied by this copyright message.

In the e-mail (or other mail) you send, you must include your full name, full mailing address and e-mail address (if you have one) as well as the following text:

I, , hereby affirm that this work
is/these works are of my own creation.

I allow non-profit reproduction and distribution of my work
in unabridged, unaltered form by avowed Animal Rightists while
retaining my full author's rights. I request that my email address
 with my submission.

There are no hidden tricks in the above statement - we're just doing this to protect ourselves. Also, if you later decide that you don't want your works displayed here, just drop us a line and we'll comply. What's more, if you discover an alledgely-original work here that really isn't, please send email with a detailed explanation and the work will be removed.

So in summary:

  • include a copyright message with your submission which allows distribution of your work in unchanged form
  • include an affidavit stating that your work is of your own creation
  • provide your full name, full mailing address and email address. (Your mailing address will not be used divulged to anyone or used in any way except in the unlikely event that we run into legal problems because of your submission.)
  • indicate whether or not you want your email address published with your work

Submit your work via email